17 Oct


JeffToday’s October 17th already in the Philippines, so this morning, Alwyn came into my bedroom and wished me a happy birthday. Then he said, “you need to get up, everyone’s here now.”

Surprise birthday party with street children!

They’re a really sweet group of kids. One of them, Jeff, was a kid I remember meeting last year. He was sitting outside KFC, and when I tried to give him some chicken and rice, he couldn’t handle any of it. He just laid on the ground moaning and clutching his stomach in anguish. I felt so bad for him, but there wasn’t anything I could do. I heard in July that the other kids hadn’t seen him in a couple months, so I was really worried for him. Well today, he looked happy and healthy; a sharp kid. I almost didn’t recognize him.

To see the whole set of photos, visit my flickr account.

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