29 Dec


Happy New Year 2010!

The New Year is a time for setting goals; for bettering ourselves and getting closer to that ‘ideal person’ we hope to become. I’m nowhere near that mythical ‘ideal person,’ but for the first time in my life, I truly feel I’ve become the person I want to be. I wake up each morning happy with the goal I’m working towards, and feeling like I’m doing exactly what I’m meant to do in life. I’m lucky to have this opportunity, for as you know, many people around the world are struck by such poverty that they’re never able to pursue their dreams.

There’s still things about myself, however, that I’d like to change. My stomach seems to know no boundaries, expanding past my waistband to inch ever closer to its own dreams—one of which seems to be the dream of someday becoming the new mascot for Pillsbury. I know, however, that if I ate at home more often, and ate at restaurants less often, I’d not only save money, but I’d also lose some of this weight.

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14 Dec


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We just launched our first fundraising campaign on Kickstarter.com! This is exciting for us, but, for me anyway, it’s also a little bit terrifying.

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