06 Nov


A “leading” Australian online logo design company recently announced they’re outsourcing all logo designs to the Philippines from now on.

Terrific, right?

“Unfortunately we were getting squeezed by online global competitors in the U.S. and U.K. that outsource their logo design services to the cheapest offshore bidder, to places like India and Russia. This has driven prices to a new low of $50 USD and under.” says Impact Art Director Lara Johnson.

“In the end it was a case of if you can’t beat em’ join em’.”

I’m happy Filipinos are getting jobs, but reading their press release makes me feel a little sick inside. It’s like they’re apologizing for hiring Filipinos, when what they should be apologizing for is using Filipinos as cheap labor.

“[…]We have generally found Filipino Designers have a better education (degree qualified) are more likely to commit long term to a role and have outstanding creativity and design skill. No to mention their English is near perfect [sic]. All of these aspects make the Philippines a stand out in terms of quality design outsourcing.”

All of this is true, but if Filipinos are as qualified and as talented as your Australian employees were, why aren’t you paying them the same, Impact?

As someone who’s passionate about both design and the Philippines, I want to see Filipinos charging what they’re worth. Filipinos should be paid more, and designers from around the world shouldn’t be losing their jobs to the underpaid and overworked. I know many talented Filipino designers, more talented than myself and perhaps even you, who earn 1/10th what they would in other countries. Are you talented? Don’t sell yourself short.

Nothing makes me happier than going to an art gallery here in the Philippines and seeing a piece of art I could never even hope to afford. It makes me giddy with optimism.

Come on Filipino designers, make me giddy with optimism too.

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